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Why Use Us 
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Part of the solution is to have the technical people who defined the "what" and get more involved in the "how" and "who". There is no substitute.

Together, Providing Complete Solutions


Understanding that customers need comprehensive service and support is really the foundation of our approach. As part of our role to provide complete solutions to our customers, we offer application-consulting, specifications services, implementation of programming and configuration, test, and start-up required to deliver the customer's solution



Partner Perspective


There is often not enough time to wringing out the scope of the project and getting input from the various participants, end users can change the scope well into the project. We have found that the key to a successful project completion is to develop relationships with the customer and the vendors supplying mechanical/process equipment, and to offer accountability for the entire control portion of the project.


Project Mangement


Project Mangers are hired to sort out what gets done, how it gets done and who does it. They cannot always be 100% familiar with the automation components of their projects. It's not until the end of the project when 50% of the "snag list" is I&C related that the effect on schedule and cost are impacted by integration problems.  The major benefit of our   PLC & SCADA packages to the Project Mangers is the confidence it gives them in knowing that the end product will work and, if they need technical support, they will get it immediately and without hassles.




We supply a comprehensive documentation package at the completion of the project. The following is normally included to ensure the client is able to carry out routine maintenance and to provide information for future development: -

  • Functional Design Specification
  • Annotated Software
  • Screen Dumps
  • Test Results
  • Commissioning parameters and set point values


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